Don’t Complain

The first and only studio album recorded by TWK as a four piece set up including Mr Bald on the ol’ ivories and Aidy H on drums. A one stop shop for some of the best music played by the weasels during this early period with Rusty and Andy B fronting the band on bass and guitar respectively, the toe tapping tunes and laugh along lyrics showing what they are all about, probably.

The Weasel Kickers - Don't Complain

The Weasel Kickers – Don’t Complain

“This excellent album is a must own for the discerning kicker. Full of character and a medium body. A nose of humour gives this album an appeal for any time of the day in any season. A true all-rounder.” – A. Khunt.

Don't Complain Track List

Don’t Complain Track List – Now with added Boxes and a hint of Mrs Coffee.

The original was released as a “download only” as that was very cool at the time. Then we thought – “you know what we actually like CDs – and vinyl and tape.”, however, the former was the one most likely. So here we are. We did it, and we bunged on a few extra tracks for those that still love tactile stuff and tangibility. Bosch.

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